The purpose of this tool is to remove small amounts of excess material such as burrs. Safety glasses should always be worn when using this tool. Gloves are optional but are highly recommended when attempting to remove sharp burrs. When using this tool, ensure that your work piece is securely held in place. Be cautious of sharp corners and edges when using this tool. Pay special attention to the type of file you are using. There are various tooth sizes and styles that will dictate what type of application they are meant for. For example, a coarse tooth file may be used for aggressive shaping of the material. A fine tooth file may be used to create a smooth surface.


First identify the type of file that is needed for your particular application. Secure the work piece to a firm surface. Gently rest the file against the edge or surface that is to be filed. Gently push, in long strokes, against the edge or surface. Lift the file above the work piece and repeat this action until the desired effect is achieved. Use a hand brush and dust pan to clean up any debris produced during this operation. Return the file to its proper location.