Policies and Procedures

To become an authorized user, review the information below and complete the  Basic User Training / Quizzes.

Operating Principles 

What to do if something goes wrong


Basic Users

To become a Basic User, follow the steps below:

Returning Basic and Advanced Users:

Lab Monitors

To become a Lab Monitor, follow the steps below:

Returning Lab Monitors:

Authorizing Lab Monitor

Hours of Operation

Who can work/be in the labs

What should you wear in the labs?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hand Tools

Hand tools include hammers, saws, wrenches chisels, punches, cordless drills, and other tools commonly found in a machine shop which typically do not require power to operate.  

Safe Operating Procedures 

Machine Tools

The machine tools available in the facilities can be broken into two categories:  Interlocked and Non-interlocked.

Non-Interlocked Machine Tools

Interlocked Machine Tools

Second Person

There must always be at least 2 people in the facility when work is being done and at least one of them must be a Lab Monitor. In some circumstances this does not insure a fast enough response in the case of an incident.  The use of non-interlocked equipment ,  and performing Hot Work (welding, cutting, grinding)  are examples of when our Second Person Protocol  must be adhered to.

The Second Person Protocol:

What users MAY DO in the labs

What users MAY NOT DO in the labs

General Policies

Become an Authorized User

To become an authorized user first review the Policies and Procedures above and then complete the Training  / Quizzes below. Enter your WPI email to begin.