Arbor Press


The purpose of this machine is to provide the user with a significant amount of mechanical advantage to press objects together. Safety glasses should always be worn when using this tool. When attempting to press two objects together, ensure that the objects’ joining axis are in-line with the force exerted and have enough structural stability to prevent part failure. Whenever possible, do not hold the two objects while force is being exerted. While using the arbor press, ensure that you do not exert so much force that it tips the press over. The following materials are not allowed to be used on the arbor press: glass, ceramics, and carbide.


First rotate the handle to raise the arbor column. Install a suitable base at the bottom of the arbor press. Ensure that the base will have sufficient strength to withstand the forces that will be applied. Softer metals may be used in order to prevent marring or scaring of the material. Place the two objects that will be joined together on the base plate and under the arbor column. Slowly rotate the handle to lower the arbor column until it makes initial contact with your work piece. Slowly and smoothly begin to apply force to the handle as the parts press together. Once the pieces have been joined to your satisfaction, rotate the handle to raise the arbor column. Remove your work piece and return the arbor press to its initial state.